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After: GE Gas Stove with pop up vent with custom hidden switches

After: Seating for 3!


A simple and inexpensive solution of adding an overhang and increasing the length of the countertop now allows three friends or family members to be a part of the activity in the kitchen.

​​Before: Poor lay out, dated cabinetry, not enough storage


With no overhang, this half wall had only one purpose: hide the stove area.


This was a functional cooktop in a place our clients liked, however the look, the outdated tiles, and the counter space was less than what our clients wanted.

After: Updated look and efficient layout.

After: Updated, wider and beautiful


Layout, storage and outdated look were the biggest complaints of our client.  The builder had put the refrigerator on the far wall, which was too far of a  distance from the food preparation area, and blocked the entrance to the kitchen when the refrigerator door was open.

Before: No seating here.

After: Efficient added storage


The first step was layout.  For this truly efficient kitchen now everything is in reach.  A new stainless steel refrigerator was built into an area previously unused.  Now, all appliances and the sink are all just a couple steps from one another. 

Before: Small and boring the stove area was functional, but not appealing


Lengthening the countertop and topping it with beautiful granite provides beautiful additional space.  

Because of the increased space gained by moving the refrigerator, our client now had extra cabinet space which they chose to use to display some beautiful glassware.

Some of the newer appliances offer wonderful options, like pop up vents allowing for that fifth burner to be added at no space cost. In addition, these rear venting cooktops allow for much more storage under the stove area.

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