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The new upstairs room is complemented by rich wood floors, warm paint tones, ample lighting (both recessed and ceiling fan), crown molding and a rich looking ceiling fan.  The new room gives the owners many new possibilities, and an added 144 square feet. 

The existing window worked perfectly to complete this new room.

Before: Hallway to bedroom overlooked dining area.

After: From within the new room.

After: Unique opaque sliding doors allow light thru.

Beneventi Room Addition


The homeowners did not place much value in the soaring ceiling over in the dining room, and wanted to gain some square footage in their home.  This area seemed like the perfect place.

The Solution:

Sometimes the most practical is the most beautiful solution, and this the case here.  

These architectural opaque sliding doors provide light transmittal when closed, and create a beautiful glow from within the new room addition.  

When the doors are open, the detailing of the doors is still a stunning show from both sides of the new addition.

Before: Tall dining room ceiling, not very intimate

The Challenge:

Our client wanted to retain the bright open feeling on the upstairs walkway.  They knew they wanted more of a custom home feeling to this addition.  

After: Added square feet!